IGI-2 Multiplayer Launcher Shut Down Permanently





Hey Guys, 

IGI-2 Multiplayer Launcher Has Been Permanently Shut Down. I never wanted to do this but I've to leave IGI-2 Forever.

The real reason behind this move is my Business and my personal problem. I can't compromise them for IGI-2 Multiplayer.

I know, every player of IGI-2 Multiplayer will be affected by my action. But I don't have any other option left.

I have made IGI-2 Multiplayer Launcher Open Source. Use The Source Code To Make Your Own Launcher.

Here are Links to Source Code: 

Launcher: https://github.com/hyperxpro/igi2-multiplayer-launcher

Uplink: https://github.com/hyperxpro/igi2-multiplayer-launcher-server-uplink

Master Server: https://github.com/hyperxpro/igi2-multiplayer-launcher-masterserver


Miss You All Guys :(

Good Bye!




Aayush Atharva

Email: aayush@igi2.co.in

(Founder Of IGI-2 Multiplayer Launcher)